Monday, March 9, 2015

Green Way Carpet Cleaning Plano

Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost - Home Carpet Cleaners

Green Way Carpet Cleaning Plano is a professional carpet cleaning company that provides customers with valuable services that meet their needs of keeping their homes looking and smelling good. For the residential market as well as for the commercial clients we offer you high quality services that are delivered by highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians.

Our carpet cleaning cost provides high value for money since we offer you more for less. We are competitively priced and most of our customers find us affordable and quite remarkable because of the speed and knowledge of our cleaning crew.
We only hire people with extensive experience in caring for customers and in providing high value service. Our results show and are a good indication of how far we go in caring for customers.

In addition to offering superior cleaning services, we provide organic carpet cleaning that is friendly to the environment. Our cleaning products are carefully selected to make sure that they are safe for the home environment and good for the environment. We use superior methods including dry carpet cleaning that ensures that your carpet is well dried to remove any possibility of mold forming in your carpet. Unlike the equipment you can get from the stores for cleaning your carpet but doesn’t soak up all the water, our methods and equipment do a great job at absorbing all the water and leaving your carpet dry. order to completely remove the layers of dirt that has discolored you carpet fiber for months, we use our heavy duty and high horsepower truck mount carpet cleaning. This method powerfully uses hot water extraction to soak up and suck up the dirt in your carpet and suck it up through a vacuum mechanism. If you haven’t had your carpet cleaned for a while this is the method that you need. We have this technology which most customers like since it leaves their carpets super clean and looking and smelling fresh.